JavaScript Isn’t a Toy Language (Anymore)!

So… JavaScript. When did one begin to feel that this crufty, popup-enabling, slightly-better-than-VB programming language for the unwashed masses might actually merit a second look?

Was it the first time you used Google Maps and realized you were moving the map without reloading the entire page?

Was it when Sun decided to include Rhino in the JDK?

Or when you browsed the Dojo codebase and realized that Java doesn’t have a monopoly on obtuse, enterprisey, over-architected design?

No? Maybe you figured it out when 60+ companies got together and decided it was worth the effort to start the OpenAjax Alliance in order to formalize common sense best practices for JavaScript libraries.

I know! It was when you (and your mother, and your coworkers, and all of their extended families) read Steve Yegge’s NBL blog post.

Actually, maybe it was when you decided to add John Resig to your blogroll.


The other week I read this article by John, in which he mentions the big O performance characteristics of a certain JavaScript benchmark. It doesn’t matter what benchmark, just focus on the important part here: big O. In an article on JavaScript. Big O. And JavaScript. Big O. JavaScript. And nary a raised eyebrow among the comments; almost the complete opposite, actually!

It’s almost like it’s respectable, or som’n.


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